The Two Nun’s Story – Exeter St Davids

As a part of the Train Projects process, sound designer, friend and Train Project Funder, Luke Robinson came with me to Exeter St Davids to begin the initial planning for the project. During our time at the station, Luke had brought with him some beautiful photographic images on postcards which he had told me his mother, Annette Robinson, who is a photographer, had taken a few decades before at that station. In his own words Luke recaptures the meaning of this image and its recreation as a personal response to his mothers work.

photographed by Annette Robinson

“It’s an image that has really stuck in my mind of the work my mum was doing when I was growing up. Being a kid I mostly thought that it was a pretty comical shot and that made my mum cool, but now a slightly larger kid, I think it is a great example of her eye for people and place and it still makes her cool. For years when I went through Exeter St Davids station I would have a look for the ‘Two Nuns’ on the platform and had this image of Exeter as the ‘Vatican City’ of England. Recently I went to visit her as she was selling her place and packing away her stuff to go into storage. She jokingly asked if there was anything I could do with a load of postcards of the ‘Two Nuns’ she had printed for galleries a couple of decades back. I took a load of them, thinking I might send them to friends as an alternative to facebook! A few weeks back chatting to Ria and planning a photo shoot for the train project (a wee jaunt to Exeter St Davids and back) I remembered the postcards and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do something with them. The plan of action was to find the spot of the photo, and recreate it (and using myself as the subject in the image, minus the habit!) and distribute the postcards in ideal locations. Approaching a very helpful Man (which I would like to refer to as a British Rail worker but can’t) pointed out exactly where he figured the original picture was taken. He was also keen, to take some of the postcards and pin them up in the stations offices. I imagine they have some rather amusing captions scrawled over them. After planting postcards in various places including phone boxes and vending machines, we ventured to the spot and recaptured the image that my mum had taken all those years before”.

photographed by Ria Hartley

The completion of this little sister act is that with my £20 fund for The Train Project, Ria Hartley will deliver framed copies of the original postcard and this new image to Annette Robinson at Gloucester Train Station on Wednesday 14th September. It’s only a little thing but it’s a unique thing that’s been made possible through The Train Project.

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Amulet #38 by artist Rachel Dobbs

This amulet was conceived and gifted to me by artist Rachel Dobbs (LOW PROFILE) in the aid of helping me stay focused on my objective of raising the funding to make the Train Project a reality. Because this period prior to the project launch has required a lot of energy, I feel that this amulet has certainly aided me on my quest. Its values go beyond the amount of money I have been trying to raise, although it is a constant reminder of how to break down practically the money I have needed to raise, it also re-enforces the value of networks and community support and friendship, without which, this project would mean very little. I will wear this amulet during the two weeks of my travel across the UK by train and tell my story of how the amulet came to be and what it means to me.

Amulet #38 by Rachel Dobbs

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LOW PROFILE are Rachel Dobbs and Hannah Jones and have been working in collaboration to make live art since 2003. They are currently based in Plymouth, UK. See there website here:

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